Rental Equipment


The GTM team provides the perfect sound equipment for your needs (shows, conferences, corporate events, etc.). Our specialists are available to help you achieve the high-quality sound design that you’re looking for.


GTM offers their team’s expertise to create and refine the best lighting concept for your project (shows, atmosphere, architectural concepts, etc.) allowing you to meet your requirements and achieve exceptional results.


From conferences to large-scale shows, GTM is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology (LED video wall, projection screen, video projector, video management, camera, etc.) to ensure the perfect image and effects for your events.


GTM has an extensive inventory of different sized risers and several sets of adjustable stairs. We can also provide a multitude of aluminum truss in many different formats for setting up a variety of systems and structures, both suspended and freestanding, in addition to many different sized drapes. Also, GTM has a multitude of manual and motorized chain hoists.