Pioneer DJ


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Pioneer DJ / All-in-one DJ controller


The OPUS-QUAD puts professional DJs in control of their music, creating harmony between design, musical playability, and offers multiple advanced features such as standalone 4-deck playback. All this combines to provide a spectacular DJ experience that DJs can harness to inspire their audience in any space or location.

High-class comfort and accommodating design

A 5-degree slope may not seem like a lot, but looking at the Opus-Quad’s profile, it’s clear that a little goes a long way, allowing you to fluidly move to and from the job wheels without compromising the control scheme. Its textured surface isn’t just a great contrast to the Earth-tone slits — it provides an excellent grip that maximizes comfort, with the rounded edges to painlessly rest your hands. Plus, each deck can be assigned a color, including the lights in the jog wheels and the FX cues, allowing for a streamlined visual fluency to quickly determine which decks are ready for active use. Plus, zone output management lets you control which music source plays at its desired location, all from the Opus-Quad.

Vivid displays, excellent control

The Opus-Quad’s 10.1-inch electrostatic touchscreen doesn’t just look great — its design allows for precise control and faster reaction times, ensuring you never miss a beat. Tracks can be previewed by simply touching their accompanying waveforms, while an easily toggled keyboard or the intuitive Playlist Bank system lets you quickly navigate to anything you need. Pioneer has also included a new Smart Rotary Selector: a multi-axis joystick-like controller that can move all four cardinal directions while having rotation control and click functions to navigate menus quickly and easily. With a track in the library highlighted, you can press and hold left or right to preview the beginning or middle of a track, respectively, making on-the-fly set-building a breeze.

New dimensions of sonic exploration

Between four USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, zone routing, and compatibility with rekordbox, Serato, and more, the Opus-Quad can simultaneously pull music from multiple sources, and the ESS Technology D/A converter ensures unrelenting sonic fidelity. Mac or PC, SSDs to wireless, this controller can easily manage every source. The newly available XY-Pad uses the touchscreen to manage multi-axis control of the controller’s various Beat FX, while per-channel Sound Color FX supplement each track with rich, performance-driven texturizing tools. Each deck also features eight Hot Cue buttons that can be quickly overwritten in real time to accommodate and inspire new approaches to your set. Moreover, each jog wheel can have its feel independently adjusted, with per-deck tempo and beat management tools always within reach.


Harmony between Design and Musical Playability

Standalone 4-Deck Playback

Support for Multiple Media Sources

Rapid Track-Search

Optimized Deck Configuration and New Smart Cue

Easy-To-Use Professional Effects

Zone Output

rekordbox and Serato Compatibility